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Sync 3 Update Drive (Updates to V3.4 with Newest Maps) + Type C USB Hub

Sync 3 Update Drive (Updates to V3.4 with Newest Maps) + Type C USB Hub

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This is a listing for a brand new USB Drive that updates your Sync 3 unit to and the Type C USB Hub that supports it:
+ V3.4 Build 21194
+ Navigation Maps (NA222)

Works for both Lincoln and Ford vehicles with Sync 3 V1.0 through V3.4

Package Includes:
1. USB Drive with V3.4 Build 21194 and NA222 Maps pre-update package

2. OEM Type C USB Hub (If vehicle doesn't support the Type C USB Hub size, a Dual Fast Charging 2023 USB Hub will be sent)

V3.4 Supports:
+ Apple CarPlay (with compatible USB Hub)
+ Android Auto (with compatible USB Hub)
+ New interface
+ New layout
+ Type C USB Hub support
+ Newer apps and features when installed
+ All previous functions and features

Will need from Buyer:
1. Sync 3 Build Number
2. Sync 3 Version Number
3. If Navigation or Non-Navigation

To find this information go to General > Settings > About Sync > Should be on Top

Update Process:

1. Make sure vehicle is fully on during entire process

2. Plug in Flash Drive to USB Port (Keep flash drive in at all times)

3. Wait for the screen to reset, will display a message on top saying "Updating Sync Software"

4. Screen will reset and then go to a format page

5. Leave it alone on the Format page, usually takes 30 minutes for Navigation or 10 minutes for Non-Nav most cases (You will know it's complete once screen is completely green)

6. Once screen is completely green remove Flash Drive

7. Screen will flicker and reset, once reset give it 60-90 seconds to load all your modules

8. Swap Old USB Hub for a new Type C USB Hub (or Dual USB Hub, depending on the vehicle USB Cubby size)

9. Enjoy!

Update Process for 2019+ Vehicles:

1. Make sure the vehicle is fully on during the entire process

2. Plug in Flash Drive to USB Port (Keep the flash drive in at all times)

3. Wait for the screen to say Updating Software or it asks you to update.

4. The screen will be on and slow, that is normal

5. Once screen resets, leave it in and wait for it to boot back up.

6. Once screen says complete you are good to remove the flash drive and enjoy.

DFisclaimer: For 2019+ Vehicles they got a Ford Protection called MY20, which means the Maps can't be updated and the update method is autoinstall over reformat. The Maps can't be updated due to storage compacity issues with the APIM. Please be aware when ordering.

This is just for a USB Drive to update your current Sync 3 system, nothing else.
Please provide your current Sync 3 version and build number after payment.
We are not responsible for programming or system hardware, update your system at your own risk.
USB Hubs vary in compatibility, in most cases all work as intended but with your system updated to 2023, old USB Hubs may display a message on screen. Either ignore it or upgrade to a newer Style.
This is for Navigation Sync 3 units, if you have Non-Nav I can update you to V3.4 with this Drive but I would need to be informed prior to shipment.

Any questions feel free to contact me, thank you!

*** This is an update drive if you currently have an older version of Sync 3, not for Sync 2 users. For Sync 2 users you will need a conversion kit.

If this occurs reach out and I'll sell you one and ship fast of course. Thank you.

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