• Sync 3 start up has a “Navigation Fault” Message

Answer: This can occur for a few reasons. If after you close the message, the Navigation is functioning properly then most likely it in one of these:

1. GPS Antenna location. I recommend right side of dash. Near the center speaker.
2. GPS Antenna itself. (rare but can be the issue).
3. Your old GPS Antenna module is still installed. (most common issue). The GPS Antenna module that was originally in your vehicle is on the left side of the center speaker, middle of the center speaker, or in the general area. It is attached to the
metal mount or dash frame. I recommend to unplug and remove.

F-250s and F-350s it is located behind the gauge cluster, 13-14 F-150s it is left side of center speaker on a metal bracket, for 15-20 F-150s it is located middle of dash behind center speaker towards the window).


• Sync 3 Navigation is not picking up the location properly

Answer: In most cases, this can be resolved with a simple Master Reset.


To Master Reset follow these instructions:
Click Settings Tab – General Tab – Scroll down – Click Master Reset and give it a few minutes on, system will reset on its own.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, drive it around for a bit, and perform another Master Reset. May take a few times since it is recalibrating the location. If continues it could be either the GPS Antenna location or the old GPS Antenna module still attached to your system.


• Sync 3 Screen is touching itself, buttons pressing on its own or going between menus on its own

Answer: This can be the result of dust or hair, even fingerprints on the screen throwing off the touchscreen. I recommend cleaning the screen, preferring a microfiber cloth. Then perform a Master Reset:

Click Settings Tab – General Tab – Scroll down – Click Master Reset and give it a few minutes on, system will reset on its own.


If unable to do a Master Reset, do a Hard Reset:

Hold power button and forward button at the same time till screen resets, then release.

If this doesn’t resolve it then the touchscreen ribbon cable has come loose from shipment (Ford issue with their ribbon cables). To resolve this, simply open up your screen, just eight screws and unclip and re-clip the ribbon cable back in. Here is a Youtube view to show you how to open the screen assembly: https://youtu.be/f3EhVpLa5pQ


• Sync 3 Climate Buttons are there but I am unable to click them

Answer: In these situations, I recommend trying a Master Reset. If a Master Reset is unavailable, try a Hard Reset:

Hold the Power Button on your dash and the Forward button on your dash till the screen resets.

Click Settings Tab – General Tab – Scroll down – Click Master Reset and give it a few minutes on, system will reset on its own.

If unable to do a Master Reset, do a Hard Reset:

Hold power button and forward button at the same time till screen resets, then release.

 If that doesn't resolve the issue, try unplugging the battery from your vehicle and leaving it off for 15 Minutes. Then reconnect it and see if it changed.


If that doesn't resolve the issue, try unplugging the Sync 3 head unit and the FCIM Module ( Climate Control Panel) and re-plugging it (make sure the vehicle is off when this is done).


• What condition will the Sync 3 and Sync 3 Parts arrive in?

For Sync 3 Kits we ensure OEM always, to do so we have connections to warehouses that gets us OEM Parts, Screens and APIMs to ensure no worries on reliability.

The frames may have a few marks, scratches or blemishes, that is normal when it comes to these units. Writings is also normal and tend to be from the vehicles the warehouses original intended the systems for.

The Climate Control Panels for the Sync 1 4.2" to Sync 3 8" Conversion Full Kits are all used but aimed to be in near perfect condition with slight blemishes and marks here and there. We aim for them to be as nice as possible though and always aim to get the best we can supply. (Getting used is how we are able to ensure OEM)

Conversion Harnesses themselves are always new but not OEM since there is no OEM solution for them.

For certain models (13-14 F-150s, Manual Climate Ford Fusions and Focuses) the custom harness builder takes 1-2 weeks to arrive in most cases, 3 max in most cases. This is due to them getting custom built for your specific vehicle and ensured plug and play first time.

Some parts may arrive in another package and not our box, that is normal if we are low of stock of certain small parts (USB Hubs, power adapters, GPS Antennas, etc). They tend to arrive around the same time, give or take a few days.

USB Hubs are always OEM, Type C USB Hubs we keep in stock always and Dual Fast Charging USB Hubs will always arrive from Ford to you (separate box).

GPS Antennas are not OEM in most cases, this is due to no OEM solution for the GPS Antennas. The OEM ones are built into the harness and to the top of the vehicle antenna and so there is no way to convert those to a Sync 3 Conversion Kit self alone GPS Antenna.


• What if I updated or deleted the Jailbreak?

Great news, the Jailbreak is easy to put back on the Sync 3. (Requires Forscan)

The Jailbreak is done by FMods and we claim no rights to any Mods or the Jailbreak itself, we do not sell the jailbreak as an additional charge and always include it as a free option. Free for us to do, free for you!


Take each Jailbreak Folder and put on separate flash drives. Then on the first flash drive, plug into USB Port, with vehicle on, and once an error message appear imminently click in Forscan  "APIM Module Reset". Then pull the flash drive out once the Sync 3 resets. Then put the other two jailbreak flash drives in, one at a time. Then add your Mods (One flash drive at a time).


Jailbreak Files and Folders:



• What if I want to add a new Mod to the Jailbreak?

Simple! Grab a flash drive, add the files of the mod into the flash drive (Make sure the flash drive is setup as a exFat Format) and then plug the flash drive into the USB Port, while vehicle is on. Give it a few seconds and the Mod will install. Once done unplug the flash drive, Sync 3 will reset and you'll be good to go!


• What Warranty does FourSyncTech have on these Kits?

Not like our competitors, we ensure OEM and give the longest warranty of them all, 1 Year Warranty. Some competitors are now offering the 1 Year Warranty to match us but we started it all because we want peace of mind with every order.

We recommend with any issues or problems to reach out to us by our contact page and we'll contact you immediately to resolve whatever issue you are facing. In most cases it's a simple fix and we guide you through it all.


• Why is my Order saying "In Review" or saying "High Risk"?

This occurs for one reason and that the Shopify system flagged the order as potential fraud. We have lost to fraud before and we do not take it lightly anymore. We now have legal teams setup incase of fraud and we will go to battle over the smallest amount.

To combat fraud before it happens, High Risk Orders marked as Fraud will have two options to complete the order still:

1. A Real Photo ID with name and address matching the order is needed before order is accepted. Alongside a recording phone call confirming the order with the phone number provided.

2. Order is cancelled and re-ordered.

If either step is not taken, the order is immediately cancelled.

U.S. Based and Operated

We are proudly located in Volusia County Florida and we are solely based in the United States.

If you need to reach out, feel free to call us or text us anytime through our contact line on our "Contact" Page.

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