Sync 3 APIM Program File (VIN Programmed)

Sync 3 APIM Program File (VIN Programmed)

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This is a listing for a Sync 3 APIM Program File (VIN Programmed) for vehicles upgraded to Sync 3 from an outside source that needs specific programming completed.

Information Needed:

1. If you have Navigation or Non-Navigation Sync 3

2. VIN for Programming



Once you retrieve the file go to Forscan:

Click "APIM (As-Built Configuration)'

Click Yes to any pop ups

Click "Load All"

Click the file I sent

Click "Write All"

Then let the Sync 3 load and you should be done




Here is a Forscan Guide for those who don't have it:

You will need to download Forscan on your laptop (free application):



"Forscan for Windows"


Then click:

"Get free Extended License"


Once you get that open Forscan, go to bottom left icon and activate Forscan with the free extended license, it will reset the application. 

Once activated you will need to get this item:


Afterwards go to:


And download the driver for your new OBD2 adapter, download all five, one of them is the right driver. Install the drivers.


Then make sure your laptop is plugged into your OBD2 port, click Forscan, it should detect your OBD2 Adapter now. Make sure your vehicle is in the "ON" position". It will prompt you on your vehicle type, click "ok".

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