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Ford Sync 3 V3.4 Compatible Sync 4 8.46" HD Display with Bracket

Ford Sync 3 V3.4 Compatible Sync 4 8.46" HD Display with Bracket

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**This will not convert you to Sync 4 Software, this is the newest Sync 4 Screen that you pair with a Sync 3 APIM for increased resolution alongside a small increase in screen size.

We are proud to start providing the Sync 4 8.46" HD displays available with backward compatibility for Sync 3 Conversion Kits (Yes you can get these screens and use them with previous Sync 3 Kit from us)

Currently testing between different Sync 3 APIM versions (Gen 1, 2, 3, and 4) and making sure they all work well with the Sync 4 8.46" Display. From our test, all APIMs are in full support with the V3.4 Build 21194 software we always provide. In the past, there was a rare chance that some backlight spot issues may occur but those are extremely rare. Doesn't affect anyone if does occur just some spots have more backlight, again rare to come across.

Will work with Non-Recessed Sync 3 Kits alongside the custom Sync 3 F-150s 13-14 with our custom brackets

The last two photos are an example of it mounted (Your current Sync 3 APIM will be in that location). The last photo is an example of the Sync 3 Navigation APIM paired with the 8.46" HD Sync 4 Screen

Comparison Video Sync 3 8" (Screen) vs Sync 4 8.46" (Screen):

Shipping and Handling Procedure:

All Items are fully inspected and carefully packaged before shipment. All Sync 3 Kits are tested and ensured fully functional before packaging. Regarding shipment speed, in most cases 1-2 days to have your unit shipped. In rare cases 2-6 days if parts from my supplier are in back order. I always inspect all systems and program myself. OEM Parts are all we use. Some items may be shipped by different suppliers, in those cases, items will arrive in a separate box and shipping time may vary.

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