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2016+ Ford Sync 3 APIM + 8" Screen (OEM and Updated to V3.4)

2016+ Ford Sync 3 APIM + 8" Screen (OEM and Updated to V3.4)

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2016+ Ford Sync 3 APIM + 8" Screen (OEM and Updated to V3.4)


Ford OEM APIM + 8" Screen with a 1 Year Warranty

Updated to V3.4 with latest 2023 Maps (If Navigation)


OEM of course and updated to V3.4 2023 software!


Navigation version will have the most up to date Maps!


**Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support!**

Enjoy Navigation functions of Both (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) on Navigation and Non-Nav Sync 3 Systems


Jailbreak Includes:

+ Ability to use rear camera while driving

+ Video Player (USB Flash Drive Movies)

+ Backgrounds



+ 1x Sync 3 Communication Module (APIM)

+ 1x Sync 3 8" Display Screen

+ 1x Data Cable



Shipping and Handling Procedure:

All Items are fully inspected and carefully packaged before shipment. All Sync 3 Kits are tested and ensured fully functional before packaging. Regarding shipment speed, in most cases 1-2 days to have your unit shipped. In rare cases 2-6 days if parts from my supplier are in back order. I always inspect all systems and program myself. OEM Parts are all we use. Some items may be shipped by different suppliers, in those cases, items will arrive in a separate box and shipping time may vary.



Jailbreak Disclaimer:

For legal purposes, we do not own or claim to own the jailbreak or any of the mods used in the jailbreak. We simply give it for free with all the Sync 3 Kits and never charge for this service when bundled with a Sync 3 Kit. These mods are legally for off-road purposes only and not recommended as you drive but are functional to work as one is driving. We at FourSyncTech are not liable for any damages that may result from driving with the mods in use. The jailbreak should not harm any components in your vehicle and shouldn't harm the Sync 3 Headunit. Fully tested to ensure lasting reliability for the jailbreak and the mods.

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